Just like I said. NYC!

Tip of the 'Highline' photo courtesy ©Jlnelson 2016
Tip of the ‘Highline’ photo courtesy ©Jlnelson 2016
Artist Karey Maurice @Gallery Allouche opening night of Ron English's show GUERNICA.
Artist Karey Maurice @Gallery Allouche opening night of Ron English’s show GUERNICA.
JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC artists and actress Karey Maurice & Drena DiNiro.
JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC artist and actress Karey Maurice & Drena DiNiro.

Needless to say I haven’t made a blog post in quite some time and that’s for two reasons. One you can’t live and write at the same time and second,I’ve accomplished so much over the summer that it’s hard to truncate everything into one amazing story!

In my last post I mentioned that I was taking it back to New York and I literally have done just that by spending as much time physically in the City as possible.
I traveled a lot of miles on foot just to meet some people I wanted to meet for the for last thirty years for the first time. And,I am proud to say that I have met almost all of them with only a few exceptions.
When it comes to locations that I wanted to visit I still have a long way to go but I’m in no rush and the places are not going anywhere any time soon. But I do find it funny that although I have found the Whitney Museum and have been all around it,all I have really done is use the bathroom in the restaurant several times.

In a New York state of mind.

Artist KAM© in Washington Square Park New York City.
Artist KAM© in Washington Square Park New York City.
Painters SHAG & Karey Maurice @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC. photo by Jonathan LeVine.
Painters SHAG & Karey Maurice @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC. photo by Jonathan LeVine.

After experiencing some very negative feedback from some folks I thought I knew; it has driven me back to where I once started building a career, New York City.
Although I have great difficulty getting around it’s much better to struggle there than any place I can think of at the moment.
I enjoy visiting familiar territory around the west village & SoHo especially Washington Square Park where people still gather to soak up some sun and local entertainment.

But their is plenty more to descover just north west of 14th Street like the new elevated park called the Highline which runs through the new art gallery scene in Chelsea and begins with the new location of the Whitney Museum which I am dying to visit or even become a member.

My second to last visit I did a little gallery hopping and met SHAG aka Josh Angle who was just as groovy as his paintings suggest and I immediately detected his southern California swag.
I can’t wait until my next adventure.

The Map of Manhattan (World Book Encyclopedia circa.1969)

This was my map that I used when I was discovering New York City back in 1979. It is complete with a grid on top that I created to find the quickest route to get from one place to another by walking or subway if I could afford it.
I also used this map to coordinate a time place and location where I would meet my friends. Most of the time it was Washington Square Park in the west village. That was the simplest and,the most popular. But only if you were of a certain type;artsy I’ll say and, certainly not homophobic!

Notice the area of green and the yellow colored in to indicate something?

If you look carefully you will see some of the hottest clubs listed all of which are defunct institutions now. As far as the New York night life is concerned I personally think the music (dance) has left New York and flew south forever to Miami South Beach.
Ever since my problem started in 2006 [spinal disc degeneration] I cannot dance or travel like I use to do so one only has their memory & experience to fall back on.
The days of pure dancing the night away (without heavy drug use.) and forgetting about all your troubles seems like a lost art.I think dancing is so important to all cultures even if you dance to a different drum beat.
And we need to remember that it is a real celebration of life! Thats why my friend Keith Haring painted about it in his art and lived it during his lifetime. I just read a reprint of the K.H. Journals and Robert Farris Thompson breaks it [it meaning the paintings.] down to it’s simplest understanding and it’s raw direct emotion towards post modern (museum quality) art.

I’m so glad I have a knack for saving and documenting shit because I have my whole life captured in some form or fashion. All kinda mapped out except for life’s general surprises that take you on a personal internal Journey.