Happy Birthday Keith Haring (59).

Just three days ago was the artist Keith Haring’s (59th) Birthday.
My blog post is to simply keep his memory fresh and alive! Many people have claimed to be influenced by him and many more have benefited from making such claims while they in broad daylight paint their version of ‘Street Art’ for the world to see.

That’s cool if you can get away with it and not get arrested.
Even Keith knew the job at hand was a risk so he made sure to have someone with him photographer Tseng Kwon Chi to document just about all of his activities and use the (one) arrest as a marketing tool to finally be Identified as the chalk using graffiti artist whose humanoid figures touched everyone who encountered them.

Keith Haring + KaM© customized Smurf character.

A little known story (30) yrs. Old.

Dunny by KaM© "Life Is Something Special" album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring
Dunny by KaM© “Life Is Something Special” album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Almost perfect timing with the “World Aids Day” recognition December 1st. of every year.
I have had an interesting journey to get to where I sit and write today.
There are snippets of the story along with detailed accounts of everything thats missing in this fantastic article written by Susan Van Dongen who came by the studio last May for the Interview.

I must give her a lot of respect for allowing me to get it out there for the world to read.
Check it out!

Gallery353 Princeton, New Jersey.

I am pleased to announce that my work is now represented by Gallery353 a new contemporary art gallery in Princeton New Jersey. All I can say at this point in my career is that “It’s a long road and, there’s no turning back.”
People have already asked me ‘how’ did this happen and my answer is: I just made a phone call once I read an article about the gallery owner Mr.Patrick Ryan who’s family once owned a dairy farm in Ewing Township,New Jersey where I grew up a very long time ago. I made an appointment and showed him my latest artwork and he was very excited to see these paintings.
But more important than the artwork he understood where I was coming from literally and artistically once he heard my story about being one of the missing ‘links’ to the 1980’s Downtown art scene. It also didn’t hurt to have two photographs of the lost photo shoot I did with photographer Tseng Kwon Chi & Keith Haring I was looking for for about thirty years!

What I’m really amazed about is that the gallery couldn’t be in a more Ideal place for me in terms of location to my studio which is about .75 miles down the street. This makes transporting work from one place to another a snap with the proper assistance helping me. I couldn’t have planned this situation for myself if I were my own genie from an imaginary bottle!!

"You + ME = Gallery353
“You + ME = Gallery353

‘Speaking of Plastic’.

“This is it!”, I am convinced that artist are very concious of their surroundings far more than the average Joe. As I research the work of some of the artist who I admire or respect these days, I’m finding that they too are using the material in there’re attempt to address the problem of over toxicfication due the introduction of petrolium based products into our lives.

I was just looking at the website of a longtime fellow artist who I would like to call friend, but only he himself could confirm that notion. I just always respected his work and he is one of the decendants of the movement that inspired me to this day.

I’m talking about Kenny Scharf’s new ‘found object’ sculptures called “LIXO” that apear to me as being constructed of all found plastic objects that you see thrown all over the streets and highways all over America “LIXO”by Kenny Scharf if your really paying attention. I know he has always had enviormental issues in his work from the very beginning and he continues to expand his message off the canvas and right to your favorite coffee table or nightstand.

Now, I know if Kenny is on point with this plastic thing, then I know that everybody better get on board because he has been saying this far before this new DIY culture started.To be earth concious these days is the only thing that is going to save your ass in the long run. Long after you put your last gallon of gas in your giant SUV and trecked off to the bank to exchange your dollar bills for the ‘Amero’ dollar so you can buy some “potted meat”to feed your family.

In memory of “The Popshop” New York City photo ©Karey Maurice 1987

This was how the original store looked like back in 1986 with its swinging curved door giving you a view of the stockroom.The photo also includes Bipo the original manager who was instrumental in me meeting Keith Haring & Tseng Kwon Chi and the rest of the crew dubbed “The Harrintons” by Chi Chi Valenti of those “Nation”days before Madonna made it popular with her Hit song titled: “Vouge”which was probably in rotation on the awesome little sound system hooked up in the place.
I would hang out there for hours until Bobby Bresleau (R.i.P) or David Spada would kick me out but Bipo would tell me to just leave and come back and that’s just what I did in those days before I accually met Keith Haring in April of 1987 at a photo shoot in front of the “Crack is Wack” mural on E.Houston Street.
For the real “Pop Art” fan, if you look carefully at the photo to the left you will notice the portrait of Keith done by Andy Warhol who was instrumental in encouraging Keith to open the shop had his own teeshirt and, y’all don’t see the Kenny Scharf tee up-n-there do you?All sold at this never to be forgotten New York institution and source of inspiration forever.
For the Capitan & Crew “The Best,RedSaid

Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring