“Legends of Hip Hop”Represent represent!

“LEGENDS OF HIP HOP” @212Arts New York City.
Silkscreen prints by Janette Beckman.

“Legends of Hip Hop” exhibition @212Arts NYC.
Artists Janette Beckman and Karey Maurice opening night.

“Legends of Hip Hop” @212Arts opening night.
Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn and artist Karey Maurice.

The exhibition lived up to its title in terms of the imagery in the gallery and the attendees opening night!
I was So honored to meet artist Janette Beckman and check out her collaborative efforts working with Gary Lictenstein Editions who together created some iconic silkscreen paintings of some of the games changers in Hip Hop music.
And to my surprise I chatted with a woman who like myself saw LL Cool J’s first ever performance at the ROXY and we both agreed that we knew from that moment on he was going to be a Hip Hop Star.
I also was excited to meet graffiti/graffic artist Cey Adams who literally put a face on Def Jam records with his legendary flyers and album covers that are great conceptual artworks in their own right.
The gallery was filled to the hilt with Hip Hop fans of all generations who enjoyed discussing the paintings and the subjects significants.

“From the giftshop to the courthouse.”

Mr.Brainwash's copy cat approach to painting.
Call it divine intervention or just a simple wake up call to the subartistic movement of “Street art” that is making our city’s towns and even suburbs one big visual mess.
Leaving it looking like a kindergarden class (armed with spray paint) let out to early. I’m not against all forms of the genre just the tasteless and inappropriate copy cat nonsense thats no better than the large advertisements that are created by big corporations that insist on trying to sell us something.
In its attempt to counter the forces that be “Street art” has back fired and caused a stench that smells from the back alleys of Kolkata all the way to Los Angeles’s LAMOCA where it is then auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Just recently, the subject of “Street artist” Banksy’s new film “Exit Through The Giftshop” (nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary this year.) Thierry Guetta aka Mr.Brainwash is being sued by photographer Glen Friedman for copyright infringement of his image of legendary Hip Hop artists Run DMC and, it is said that more lawsuits are pending in regards to his inapporpriate use of other photographs he himself didn’t take for his debut exhibition ‘Life Is Beautiful” held in a abandoned CBS studio building in Los Angeles,CA three years ago. “> For more detailed information about this story just click on the link for the article posted in The artnewspaper on March 9th 2011. I think life would be most beautiful when you don’t have to steal other peoples images and call yourself an artist but hope to be respected by true painters who spend there entire life trying to perfect their craft.