“Legends of Hip Hop”Represent represent!

“LEGENDS OF HIP HOP” @212Arts New York City.
Silkscreen prints by Janette Beckman.

“Legends of Hip Hop” exhibition @212Arts NYC.
Artists Janette Beckman and Karey Maurice opening night.

“Legends of Hip Hop” @212Arts opening night.
Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn and artist Karey Maurice.

The exhibition lived up to its title in terms of the imagery in the gallery and the attendees opening night!
I was So honored to meet artist Janette Beckman and check out her collaborative efforts working with Gary Lictenstein Editions who together created some iconic silkscreen paintings of some of the games changers in Hip Hop music.
And to my surprise I chatted with a woman who like myself saw LL Cool J’s first ever performance at the ROXY and we both agreed that we knew from that moment on he was going to be a Hip Hop Star.
I also was excited to meet graffiti/graffic artist Cey Adams who literally put a face on Def Jam records with his legendary flyers and album covers that are great conceptual artworks in their own right.
The gallery was filled to the hilt with Hip Hop fans of all generations who enjoyed discussing the paintings and the subjects significants.

“Who said pink is soft? Lady Pink is back with the roughness!

I just read a recent article about female graffiti artists that are sharing the spotlight with the male’s who dominate the practice of graffiti writing.

This new era of graffiti painters are creating quite a name for themselves in cities all over the world.I pulled out this classic flyer which I think was created by the one and only Lady Pink for an all female graffiti extravaganza at the ROXY in 1984.

The list of artist included in this production may be lesser known to the new school of writer’s and I will list them as they appeared on the back of this invitation,artists like: Lady Heart,Abbey-Roc,2-Cute,Lizzie,Snow White,Tiny-One,Smad-Roc,Jigs-City,Lady-D,Stacy-D and Lady Pink of course.

Its nice to see that women artists of this kind [Old School graffiti/Street art] are being recognized for their contribution to the Hip Hop scene which is now a global form of expression that I’m proud to say I was there at the beginning of and, although I myself wasn’t a graffiti artist I certainly was a true B-Boy who loved all the B-Girls who were a part of the movement.
I think this flyer is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum I can’t remember which ones I donated now?-RedSaid

Remembering the ROXY N.Y.C. featuring Dr.jeckyl & Mr Hyde circa.1984

This was the commercial beginning of Hip Hop culture in New York City.What I remember about this event was all the B-Boy & B-Girl crews were there as well as the hottest grafitti artist in New York at the time.The break dance circle was in the back of the club just to the left of the stage.Anybody who was down with the scene gatherd around the circle and watched as the Rock Steady Crew,N.Y.C Breakers and more do their amazing moves all the way live. RedSaid