“Legends of Hip Hop”Represent represent!

“LEGENDS OF HIP HOP” @212Arts New York City.
Silkscreen prints by Janette Beckman.

“Legends of Hip Hop” exhibition @212Arts NYC.
Artists Janette Beckman and Karey Maurice opening night.

“Legends of Hip Hop” @212Arts opening night.
Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn and artist Karey Maurice.

The exhibition lived up to its title in terms of the imagery in the gallery and the attendees opening night!
I was So honored to meet artist Janette Beckman and check out her collaborative efforts working with Gary Lictenstein Editions who together created some iconic silkscreen paintings of some of the games changers in Hip Hop music.
And to my surprise I chatted with a woman who like myself saw LL Cool J’s first ever performance at the ROXY and we both agreed that we knew from that moment on he was going to be a Hip Hop Star.
I also was excited to meet graffiti/graffic artist Cey Adams who literally put a face on Def Jam records with his legendary flyers and album covers that are great conceptual artworks in their own right.
The gallery was filled to the hilt with Hip Hop fans of all generations who enjoyed discussing the paintings and the subjects significants.

Just like I said. NYC!

Tip of the 'Highline' photo courtesy ©Jlnelson 2016
Tip of the ‘Highline’ photo courtesy ©Jlnelson 2016
Artist Karey Maurice @Gallery Allouche opening night of Ron English's show GUERNICA.
Artist Karey Maurice @Gallery Allouche opening night of Ron English’s show GUERNICA.
JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC artists and actress Karey Maurice & Drena DiNiro.
JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC artist and actress Karey Maurice & Drena DiNiro.

Needless to say I haven’t made a blog post in quite some time and that’s for two reasons. One you can’t live and write at the same time and second,I’ve accomplished so much over the summer that it’s hard to truncate everything into one amazing story!

In my last post I mentioned that I was taking it back to New York and I literally have done just that by spending as much time physically in the City as possible.
I traveled a lot of miles on foot just to meet some people I wanted to meet for the for last thirty years for the first time. And,I am proud to say that I have met almost all of them with only a few exceptions.
When it comes to locations that I wanted to visit I still have a long way to go but I’m in no rush and the places are not going anywhere any time soon. But I do find it funny that although I have found the Whitney Museum and have been all around it,all I have really done is use the bathroom in the restaurant several times.

Hats off to the king of “Club promotion & N.Y.C nightlife” impresario Baird Jones.

Ever since the “Underground” nightclub in New York was happening this guy Baird Jones has been throwing fabulous parties for all people to enjoy,and the best part about it is that they are free,just as long as you followed the rules.I know there must have been events held long before I hit the scene but,thats when I first met the man at the 860 Broadway location, corner of Union Square Park west and where the second to last Factory(Andy Warhols studio) was located.When I use to come to the club I would always half jokingly say to Baird “Is Andy here,and he would reply”He just left.
I give Baird a lot of props for hanging in there for such a long period of time,without him most of the clubs in New York City would be scrambling for people to come out to their particular club.He still has the free passes being distributed to this very day.So if your broke or don’t have a lot of extra cash to enjoy yourself in the City,just find somebody who is giving out his famous free admission cards and you can be down with the”King’,and who knows,you might see me chilling in the V.I.P.lounge or somewhere.RedSaid

THE HOUSE OF VOUGE “The World” at the edge of Alphabet City!

I can’t say that I hung out here a lot but “this isn’t about me now is it?”
I just want to fill every ones head with memories of the most important artistic movement of our times so far to date.
I just read “The DOWNTOWN BOOK The New York Art Scene 1974-1984” and it covered a lot of ground as far as the tempo of the New York Downtown area and I enjoyed reading about something that I myself was a part of and experienced.
That is why I am making this information available to the public after reading the book. If you were not lucky enough to catch it at the Grey Art Gallery at the Fales Library Collection on campus at NYU you will surely enjoy this blog page.

I think the book could have been much larger if it would have covered what was going on on the dance floor of these nightclubs.
The 2D artists fashion designers the commercial artists the musical artists performance artists and the conceptual artists gathered together at this time and experience a real metamorphosis very rapidly in a short period of time.
There was a certain division or protocol at each venue but,depending on the club you went to there was a certain kind of way that you danced and even that had its transitions.
Some places were looking for a special look or attitude that they wanted to maintain and I heard the “WORLD” was notorious for FACE. RedSaid
This photo was taken of Dj Jayne County at the opening of the exhibition the Downtown Book is all about.

Held at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh this spring,it is the second stop of the show before it moves on to another venue. I was fortunate enough to be in the house that night and hangout with my friends ‘the Warhola family’ and meet one of the icons from the era that this blog page is all about mainly. I realize after viewing the exhibition that I have more of a personal collection of 80’s ephemra than the Fales Library possibly or anyone for that matter.Stay Tuned