“Legends of Hip Hop”Represent represent!

“LEGENDS OF HIP HOP” @212Arts New York City.
Silkscreen prints by Janette Beckman.

“Legends of Hip Hop” exhibition @212Arts NYC.
Artists Janette Beckman and Karey Maurice opening night.

“Legends of Hip Hop” @212Arts opening night.
Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn and artist Karey Maurice.

The exhibition lived up to its title in terms of the imagery in the gallery and the attendees opening night!
I was So honored to meet artist Janette Beckman and check out her collaborative efforts working with Gary Lictenstein Editions who together created some iconic silkscreen paintings of some of the games changers in Hip Hop music.
And to my surprise I chatted with a woman who like myself saw LL Cool J’s first ever performance at the ROXY and we both agreed that we knew from that moment on he was going to be a Hip Hop Star.
I also was excited to meet graffiti/graffic artist Cey Adams who literally put a face on Def Jam records with his legendary flyers and album covers that are great conceptual artworks in their own right.
The gallery was filled to the hilt with Hip Hop fans of all generations who enjoyed discussing the paintings and the subjects significants.

“Terror Hustle™ ” time is here.

Some might say ‘Huh?’ “What does terror hustle really mean?”
How I explain it is that;it is a person that is so terrified of being unsuccessful or have a fear of living a meaningless life expresses extreme motivation coupled with extreme anxiety!
Now that I have explained it I can move forward to telling a story about my adventure to New York City.
I always must maximize the time I spend there because of obvious reasons and so I must plan properly in order to enjoy myself plus, recognize opportunity when it presents itself; New York is like that,you gotta go with the flow.
For the first time in over a decade I rode the subway to Brooklyn to pick up a special item I pre-ordered at this years NYCC not realizing that the retailer was not in Manhattan. Then I made my way back home but first stopping at the Jonathan Le Vine gallery to support Dose Green and check out his new paintings.
On my way after getting lost in lower Manhattan for about a half hour I finally made it to the Chelsea section where the gallery is and I magically run into an artist I haven’t seen in over twenty years.
I recognized him right away and called out his name as he passed by me and, I was correct it was Sergio Klafke from Sao Paulo Brazil looking almost the same as he did when we last met.
Then the celebration began inside the gallery illustrated below when I ran into Wild Style film producer Charlie Ahearn and had a short respectful conversation with the man himself Dose Green who gave me thanks for the support.

Dose Green exhibition @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery artist Karey Maurice and film maker Charlie Ahearn.
Opening reception for Dose Green @ Jonathan LeVine gallery 557C west 23rd street NYC.
Artist Karey Maurice at Dose Green's opening reception @ JLV gallery NYC.

Wild Style 25th Anniversary Party

This past November 14th I got invited to the 25th Anniversary party by Charlie Ahearn and I had a blast hanging out out with my boy graffiti artist Leon Rainbow. We didn’t stay long but while we were there we had the pleasure to see grand wizard Theodore do his thing on the ones and twos. If you haven’t seen this guy work you don’t know what your missing because he is the cut creator.-RedSaid