Taking it back to where it belongs!

34TH Street Manhattan © KaM© 2016
34TH Street Manhattan © KaM© 2016

Just recently I have been able to move about more freely due to the nice hot summer weather. I’ve had a few things on my mind to check out while I had the chance and I accomplished what I could within reason.
One was to walk the Highline elevated park in Manhattan as far as I could,then find the new Whitney museum.

The second goal was to once again travel to New York City and get on the Staten Island Ferry and ride it across the bay to Staten Island and back to Manhattan.

So far I have accomplished one which is to find the Whitney Museum via the Highline and enjoy the sights & people in and around the area. It’s one of my favorite locations now in Manhattan now that I have explored it.

I even had to return to it sooner than I expected because on the day I was there I lost my iPod and miraculously someone sent me an email letting me know that they had found it.

I have always been sort of lucky in Manhattan so this to me is an indication that I should try and make a go at it again to see how far my artwork can take me? I LOVE NEW YORK!

BROOKLYN BALL 2005 celebrating Jean-Michel Basquiat.

I decided to update the Where Were You?™ page to include some more up to date events as they happen in my life.
Since I have become more active in my own artistic expierences as of late,I decided to pepper the entries with new and current information just to keep it interesting.

Some of you might not have had the pleasure to be around during the 1980’s or the 1990’s for that matter so I’ll try to include something for “Generation X” to gravitate towards in the near future.
But I’m going to start with this historical event held last year at the Brooklyn Museum.

I got the opportunity to show some of my work at this event but not in the traditional way most artists exhibit their paintings. I was asked by my friend Dj Raven Fox [Mark Jenkowski] to help him pull off this party in the Grand Ballroom inside the Museum. When I say pull off I really mean it; if you knew him personally you would agree.
It turned out to be a hot party and while Raven was Djing in his “Cab Calloway” tuxedo/zoot suit I was projecting my scratch poetry and artwork right on his back. The unfortunate thing for me was that I was not even mentioned [in print] in any program or flyer to announce that I was showing visuals. It was all about assisting a friend to pull off probably one of the most memorable evenings at the Brooklyn Museum for it’s members and patrons.

We were in the center of the room so everyone could see us and my Idea to show the projections that way looked fantastic!

Anyone out there who attended that event and took pictures,please send me a copy I would like to post them or you can just add them to the comments. RedSaid