Do you like Opera?

DoOver Specialist Vikki Watt and artist Karey Maurice @ Opera Gallery NYC.

While strolling to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Breuer building location formerly known as the Whitney Museum on Madison Avenue several months ago. I walked passed an art gallery that was displaying an early Keith Haring painting that caught my attention.
I thought to myself maybe? Maybe I could walk in and talk to someone there about my personal connection with Keith and hope for the best?
Well three months later I got an invitation to a fantastic opening reception for the artist exhibition of Bernard Buffett paintings. So I call up my partner in crime Vikki Watt and we go to explore the amazing collection this gallery has to offer.
To my surprise they rotate there artists and mix the exhibitions by peppering in a few highlights. For example this Keith Haring painting behind us is a good example of the diverse collection Opera Gallery has in their inventory because we were actually there for a Botero and Sequi exhibition that was just breathtaking.
I wish I could have signed a purchase order the minute I saw a couple of pieces on display.

Time for some action museums & galleries etc.

Is it me? Am I not getting the picture? Why is it that every cultural institution in America namely the ones in the title of this article showcase art & artifacts by caucasian people solely as if African Americans don’t exsist or posess the same ability of artistic creative expression? Sure there are a few that have risen to the presteige of being exhibited in galleries and museums but most of them posthumously and they never really saw any personal success while they lived.And yet the artifacts of our ancestors from Egypt,the bush of Africa,Native America,Austraila,Oceana and god knows where else is kept quite vividly on display in museums around the world.
It seems that there is some kind of disconnect between the ancient African people and modern post slave African Americans that nobody wants to address.
I agree that education or lack thereof plays a big part in this phenomenon after all, African Americans were not able to freely express themselves legally until 1863 and probably were not exposed to art until fifty years after that.
So there’s quite a bit of a head start as far as culture is concerned but we live in a technological enviorment and are exposed to the same information as everyone else now so, there’s really no excuse unless you want to argue about subject matter aesthetics and tastes which are personal choices.I often wonder from a anthropological standpoint that if African Americans were to somehow become extinct today,what would be left behind for future cultures to examine and study about us? What kind of artifacts will be on display to represent our culture?We already got the singing & dancing and music down packed but there’s much more.
Let us here from Dr.Cornell West who in this video explains how important art and the arts are to our very nature as a society and then,you tell me what time it is…O.K.

Past My Bed Time.

Last month I went to New York to attend an opening at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, a place in which I know the mastermind himself personally and I enjoy the artist in his stable of “Low Brow” highly collectable “Pop-Surrealist” painters.
This time it was Doze Green in gallery one, and Blek Le Rat in gallery two,but, I was there to speak with Doze and to get a photograph with him for the experience. Later on that evening I got a chance to speak with the man himself (Jonathan) and its always a pleasure to chat with him because I know he will normally give me an invite to the after party which I haven’t the energy to go to but I think he kinda knows that I’m not the party animal I use to be by any means.-RedSaid aka KaM©

‘Speaking of Plastic’.

“This is it!”, I am convinced that artist are very concious of their surroundings far more than the average Joe. As I research the work of some of the artist who I admire or respect these days, I’m finding that they too are using the material in there’re attempt to address the problem of over toxicfication due the introduction of petrolium based products into our lives.

I was just looking at the website of a longtime fellow artist who I would like to call friend, but only he himself could confirm that notion. I just always respected his work and he is one of the decendants of the movement that inspired me to this day.

I’m talking about Kenny Scharf’s new ‘found object’ sculptures called “LIXO” that apear to me as being constructed of all found plastic objects that you see thrown all over the streets and highways all over America “LIXO”by Kenny Scharf if your really paying attention. I know he has always had enviormental issues in his work from the very beginning and he continues to expand his message off the canvas and right to your favorite coffee table or nightstand.

Now, I know if Kenny is on point with this plastic thing, then I know that everybody better get on board because he has been saying this far before this new DIY culture started.To be earth concious these days is the only thing that is going to save your ass in the long run. Long after you put your last gallon of gas in your giant SUV and trecked off to the bank to exchange your dollar bills for the ‘Amero’ dollar so you can buy some “potted meat”to feed your family.

Vinyl is not for Dinner. Toys Rule!!

PHOTO: Tara Mc Pherson with Karey Maurice at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

“I wrote about the horrors of plastic consuming our planet and I asked the question,”Are artist finding better ways to use this petrolium base product? My conclusion to this ever popular question is,”Yes, We are finding better ways to entertain ourselves buy creating objects that make use of the most disposable creation man has ever introduced into the world of land plants and animals.

The time has come when we must be more creative when it come to throwing things away and rethink what an object can be after it is use the first time for its initial intent. Although my CVT’s (Custom Vinyl Toys) don’t make use of recycled materials that some artist use in the creation of their art, I will be more concious of the things that I throw away and maybe I can incorporate it into my next attempt at doing it myself. You can see more of my creations fearured on Vinyl Requiem’s website Vinyl Requiem and while your there you can see me in Tara McPherson’s interview chillin at her opening show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery a few months back. I was supposed to hear her spinning at Motor City Bar last night but I couldn’t get the energy up to make the trip to New York.
-RedSaid aka KaM©

“Wonderful World of Plastic”; are artist finding answers to the problem?

” We all know that plastic is the mortal ememy of the earth that we live on if we don’t do some thing about it real soon. I remember when there was some talk about recycling lots of things back in the seventies and some how I thought that things were being taken care of by the powers that behold all the power to do something about it.

I’m not going to make this a political platform to run for any kind of office or anything like that no matter how tempting that may be in this day and age. I want to talk about this amazing world that I have just recently gotten involved with, and, as a result of a few experiments, have created some interesting art. I am simply hooked on this new medium which is derived mostly by the very same element that is an “oil base extract” that we all have come to love one way or the other. This just happens to be the world of custom vinyl toys APW GALLERY and I can’t get enough of working on these DIY’s (Do It Yourself) as they are called by the industry.

Just the name of them gets me because they remind me of the famous series that Andy Warhol did with some of his family members working with him making color by numbers paintings with the same title “Do It Yourself” so this is not a new terminology in producing artwork but, It is a new movement that is right inline with what is going on in the world in many aspects. If I were to list all of the common factors that makes this medium so relative to every single person in the world who has contact with “oil base extract” which is plastic, I would be talking about environmental issues.

I myself want to use this material to make art that people keep around, and the best thing about toys(adult sculptures) is that you can play with it and interact with it just like you would a Real Object or Not.
RedSaid aka KaM©