A 3D kind of winter in 2017.

Customized 8″ inch Kidrobot Dunnys by KaM© 2017

During the winter months I like to stay inside and work on projects that take some time to complete.

I move into a sculptor frame of mind and work on my favorite kind of 3D canvas called a Dunny platform designed by Tristan Eaton for the super hip designer toy company Kidrobot.

I use polymer clay and some modeling paste to create some of the personal characters that seem to create themselves because there is no preliminary skectches or drawing.

I leave them out for a while until an idea hits me then I begin to execute what it is I see in my minds eye.

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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/33477748@N02/34235407960/stats/

    You posted a question: Feb 28 2015
    Baird had an extensive art collection as well as all kinds of memorabilia and when he died it seems everything went with him? What a mystery?

    On the above Flickr page I have posted a few pices from which was once part of Baird Jones and Cranston Jones celebrity art collection collection. Such as a Warhol to Lorne Michaels, 2 works by Julia Warhola.
    Some were gifts to Clement Greenberg which were passed on the Jones.
    Matt Szava

    1. Oh Wow ? Thank you Mat for finding this post and responding. Baird and I were friends and he has a few drawings I did to pay for a Studio54 drink token for a friend.

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