Destination Opera gallery New York City.

When I say the fun outweighs the effort;I’m not kidding around at all! Last Thursday I mustered up the energy to travel to New York City for an opening I discovered published in Clutter Magazine’s online publication about this exhibition “Pop Surrealism” that featured the most prominent figures of the genre that I know of especially a few in particular namely Colin Christian & wife Sas along with Ray Caesar,Ron English,Camilla D’Errico,Lori Earley,Scott Musgrove and many more.The gallery is located in SoHo on Spring Street so I was very familiar with the area because its where I use to do most of my shopping back in the early 80’s and just simply hang out when most of the galleries were located there before moving to Chelsea about twelve years ago now or longer.
As a routine stop I had to check out an artist [Ron Jones] who has been on the corner of Broadway & Prince Street for just as long as I can remember and he has become part of the landscape as far as I am concerned so I stopped a chatted with him as I usually do and I’m glad I did because he gave me a gift just for making the effort understanding my condition.
After that it was what I thought was going to be a quick in and out visit to Kidrobot down the block to get my fix of their exclusive custom toy/sculptures & apparel before going to the opening at Opera gallery.
Well, the visit turned out to be a beautiful time well spent with the staff who showed my crazy respect and informed me of some of the rereleases that are scheduled to drop sometime soon.
Now on to the gallery after spending more time than I thought I would with the folks at KR and I turn the corner and walk one block only to run into Dylan who I met years ago standing online @ Kidrobot for Dunny creator Tristan Eaton’s then new release in 2008 so I have known him for quite some time and he recognized me right away.
We both entered the gallery together but I headed for the refreshment table right away so I could take the edge off with a glass of red wine. After that I broke out the iPod to start capturing the moment for my archeives and become a part of my work in progress film ” Chealsea Nights” which is really about my adventures visiting art galleries & special events. I only walked around part of the exhibition and found a seat at a table located in the rear of the gallery so I could relax and I was joined by this Haitian American artist named Prushion who vibed up with me emediatly and we began to connect and exchanged information so we could stay in touch. I have a short film clip I made of him to add to my documentation.

KaM© @ Opera gallery. photo ©2013 Dylan Evans
Artists Rick Prol & KaM© at Opera gallery NYC 2013
Popaganda artist Ron English & KaM© at Opera gallery 2013
Long Island Lady with KaM© on New Jersey Transit southbound.

February with Love!

Interview on WIMG with host Jacque Howard with guest tronix & KaMo
Mick Rock & Karey Maurice aka KaMo @ Pop International NYC.

I’m so happy that I force myself to take on physical challenges that (usually) result in postive outcomes and this month I sure did push the envolope with testing my ability to overcome my limitations. I have missed so many shows & exhibitions that I had to organize my own which I explained was quite an ordeal but, I really miss attending other artists openings in NYC the most and on one decent [meaning weather] day I decided to go to Pop International Gallery’s grand opening of their midtown location which featured an South African artist Benny Gool who took photographs of Nelson Mandela for an extended period of time during the anti-arpartied leaders life & legacy. When I arrived I was surprised that there was a guest list and I was asked of course was I invited or had R.S.V.P in advance,so; I lied and made the beautiful young lady search her list for my name and when she couldn’t find it,she just asked me for my name & email address.Then the owner Jeff Jaffe saw me standing there stalled and came over to great me. After that it was all good because people wanted to know who I was. The pictures were stunning and very affordable if you had a couple thou to drop on a print nicely framed. That’s what I like about Pop art is the fact that when its newely introduced to the public you can actually buy something.
While I was there I met some very interesting people and they seemed very warm towards me and carried on a very stimulating conversation about the artwork & photographs on display. I even got the opportunity to meet the artist Benny Gool and his biographer as well as speak with rock photographer Mick Rock [shown above] who is David Bowie’s number one guy for photo documentary of his career.
Another great moment that I mentioned in my last post(s) is that I did two Interviews one for WIMG 1300 am/WZBN Mercer County local station channel 25, the Trentonian and a short guest appearance on WTSR 91.3fm with America’s hottest lady DJ Miss Sue Miss Sue about the “Cross Your Heart” exhibition a few days before it closed on February 28th.
So Wow!! What a month it has been and I’m now in Philadelphia doing a little recouperatting so to speak but I seroiusly doubt that because I am so close to the museums that I just have to get another dose of art from one of the premier city’s for it!!
Stay Tuned…

28 days of wonderment and enchantment!(?)

February 2013 turned out to feel like I was being transported through a portal of emotional time and space combined with a certain escalation of my recognition as an artist but not in terms of any monitary gain; I ‘m speaking of a fantasy is reality kind of existance where there’s no distinction between the two and everything feels normal to deal with a certain dissadvantage and turn it into a positive outcome!!
One example of this directly is organizing this exhibition “Cross Your Heart” that was quite an undertaking on my behalf because I had to recruit the assistance of my friend Tobias Grace who had to sort through my storage space with me to put together a show within one half hour of the day of installing the show because I was sort of censored for the work I really wanted to exhibit and,the Trentonian contacted me the day before scheduling an Interview with me the same day while the work was being placed on the walls so there was all this kind of distorsion in the sound quality but it turned out fine because its history now.
I almost didn’t make it to the reception because of my high levels of pain I was experiencing because I was in way over my head in physical activity;and,if it wasn’t for my friend Jacquie Nicholas Nelson who offered to pick me up and bring me back home I would have just stayed home just lying on my back until the next day. She convinced me to go because she said a lot of people would be there to see me and she was right! When we arrived to the Trenton Social the place was packed there must have been one hundred people there shoulder to shoulder and I greeted as many people as I could before it would ruen my night we emediatly found a table so Jacquie and her friend Lynette could have something to eat while I worked the room and try to speak with every eye that caught mine because people are more sensitive when their at an art opening and they know the artist;they kind of get offended when you don’t greet them when they want your attention.You have to be a good social politician to navigate through all the personal perceptions folks have of you until they see you in full ragailia holding court.
The show didn’t go over without its drama but to speak on that would make the reader get the impression that I enjoy such a thing;which I don’t. I much perfer a more classier approach and keep my lack of knowledge about a particular subject under wraps and say “Oh I didn’t know that?” insted of trudging forward with my own personal opinions that become a merry-go-round type of experience. I’m happy about all the indirect opportunities that sprang up as a result of the show or something else, which is why I call this blog post the [wonderment and enchantment] because after all the effort I put out to do this exhibition; I got back so much more in terms of confidence and being able to explain myself and what I’m about while being interviewed in front of a camera without falling apart. I was radio interviewed by Jacque Howard for WIMG 1300am which aired publically on television WZBN channel 25 which again becomes a part of my historical archieves for just one month.
One thing that also seemed weird about the show is that at one point after returning to the exhibtion to see how sales were going I noticed a painting was missing off the wall. Another thing that caught me by surprise is that on the same day I witnessed two more paintings were placed on the floor so the restaurant staff could watch television (Telemundo) with the LCD projector because;I was told,it was a slow day. I couldn’t (or maybe I could) believe that nobody noticed the one painting missing until I posted the observation on facebook with a picture of the alledged missing painting.But when we did the deinstallation the day the sow closed the painting magically popped up? I’m not judging anybody, I’m just stating what really happened during this homecoming of sorts of an exhibition I survived.I know everyone enjoyed the show regardless of my experience anyway so it was a great success!!

Artist: Karey Maurice alongside his self-portrait @ Trenton Social Trenton, New Jersey.
Red Cross paintings on display @ Trenton Social February 2013.
Artist: Karey Maurice w/Jacquie & Lynette