The “Dirty South” has a diamond in it!

From Miami to Atlanta for the holidays wasn’t an easy trip but I won’t complain because I’m here writing about it so, it must have been special to warrant my commentary.
While I was visiting family in Atlanta Georgia I was able to see this exhibition at the High Museum which is why I am writing this article basically;if you haven’t been to this modern gem of a facility your not taking advantage of the cultural awareness this museum provides with it’s exhibition programing and the permanent collection.
I was very Impressed with the general flow & design of the building because it reminded me of something you would see in Miami or some other city conscious of modernity as a general architectural theme for design.
Its a place where I could see myself hanging out on a early Friday evening having cocktails at their all white glass cube like lounge facing the courtyard where this time there was a giant sculpture by the artist KAWS that looks like a shamed Mickey Mouse with his hands in front of his face blocking the crossed out eye’s this painter usually depicts in this character.
The most rewarding part of this visit was being able to see all of my artistic influences rolled up into one great exhibition, where I could see the work up close and personal for the first time. You could almost expect to see one of my works just around the next corner because of the heavy influence these fourteen artist had on me when I picked up a book called “The History Of Modern Art” and read it backwards. from contemporary artwork all the way back to the founding of modern art during the early turn of the century when Picasso came to American via boat with a ticket purchased by Salvador Dali who had already arrived.

Artist Karey Maurice @ High Museum

Wynwood Arts District feels like home.

Artist Leon Rainbow working in Wynwood Arts District 2011.
Wynwood Walls @ Goldman properties Inc. 2011
Fashion & Art show under the tents in Wynwood Arts District 2011.

Part II of my floridian adventure should be called “The two Amigos” and as you read on, you’ll find out why. They’ll be photos in this report for frame of reference but not as much as I would like to display here.

In photo one you see artist Leon Rainbow at work on just one of many legal wall spaces that the proprietor grants to painters in the Wynwood Arts/industrial district to enhance the outside of the building and draw attention, where inside you could have anywhere from a small screen print operation going on all the way up to high end lighting galleries.
Trying to keep up with Leon and his extended Graff family proved to be far to much action than I could record so most days I chilled in the hotel until evening. But when I did go out we encountered some great art exhibitions and performances that were quite memorable, especially this little coffee shop that had rotating Djs rocking some heavy dance music that we kept visiting because of all the activity that swarmed around it day and night. The most exciting indirect thing that occurred was that; because of someone’s driving skills in a town that neither one of us was that familiar with we managed to see the whole neighborhood which I really felt like I could live there and be productive again as an artist.

Time will tell if I can make this dream come true and, if time doesn’t reveal what I had in mind, I’m sure something will pop up in the near future or I can just prepare myself for next year with more knowledge than I had before about a place that I have been exploring for several years now and it always seems to satisfy my sole the minute I arrive. Viva La WAD!

Shout out to 2ESAE for the warm vibe and introducing me to Jeff I will never forget it! Thanks

Flyer for "Breaking & Entering" exhibition.

Art Basel Miami 2011 according to KaMo

"Hyatt Hotel Miami"
Hyatt Hotel Miami
"CJ's Crab Shack"
CJ's Crab Shack 600 Ocean Drive, Miami,FL 33139

Art Basel Miami 2011
What can I say about an event that is so visually driven and musically drowning that to write about this makes it a static description of something that has a pulse, which is cleverly the title of one of the many art fairs that are like little stars in the galaxy of planet Basel on South Beach at the convention center.

I cannot comment on the activities of Art Basel and the surrounding activities on the main drag Collins Avenue because I was over on the mainland in Wynwood and Midtown where all the raw contemporary and experimental public art projects were being created right before your eyes.To compare this energy to what is traditionally done at most of the main events is like;one of them feels like walking through a grave yard of what was once modern with people trying their best to honor and preserve it.
Then you have this young unbridled directionless (so it seems) energy that is responding to the information overload that is unavoidable unless you live in a jungle or cave ,these living artist are spitting it back out and, redirecting it into society in forms of murals (Like the fresco’s of Venice,Rome,Tuscanny.Even forms of cave painting sort of but in warehouses) permanent indoor and outdoor installations,dance parties,dinner parties,hooka parties everything to celebrate self-expression and how it can beautify a community even though it may be less desirable at first (before the artist move in) and then transformed into a tourist attraction overnight.

There are so many stories to report about this five day affair I’m sure if you search the internet you will get other opinions about this visual assault on a already visually cool place that is totally central American in its flavor but really receptive to it’s International injection of old world art, mixed with new millenium graphic sensibilities that works perfect to introduce a new audience of art enthusiast who are eager to put their stamp,stencil,sticker,mural,throwy(quick sketch) or painting on the walls legal or illegally it doesn’t matter, just as long as it is part of the seen. Aside from the art festivities I did find time to relax and shop around a little bit the week after, when all the hype disappeared and the art lovers were back to their normal way of life. It was like I stayed behind down there to actually feel Miami without anything going on, just me,  myself and my thoughts about when will I finally live down there and create my own artistic space.

A must thing to do when your down in South Beach is take a walk down Espanola Way and see if you could resist all the wonderful restaurants with plenty of  al fresco dinning along a very narrow street. After that you want to work your way north to Lincoln Road where you will find more places to dine but there are plenty of places to pick up a quick gift, and the place I would recommend is called “The Pink Palm” where you can get Items such as Ugly Dolls by David Horvath to cheep novelties like X-Ray glasses cool travel luggage tags by Romero Britto; wonderful oil burning Urns that can accent any room with fantastic scents (I brought one.) plus much much more. The creme’ ala creme’ of the Miami Beach experience is walking down the path to Luminus Park and checking out the art deco hotels along Ocean Drive and trying to decide on which restaurant has the best lunch specials so you can again dine al fresco while watching the parade of people passing by also trying to figure out where the best place would be to post up and eat.