Jersey Fresh Grafitti Jam 2011

Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam @ TerraCycle courtyard Trenton, Nj

A few

A few weeks ago now I participated in Leon Rainbow’s massive graffiti writers jam right in my old home town of Trenton New Jersey where I now find myself on the outside now looking in.
I ran into my friends Jim Gordon and famous photographer Jon Naar who was interviewed along with myself by a documentarian from Brooklyn New York. I was told the interview runs for about fifteen minutes and discusses quite candidly the new street art movement that has overshadowed somewhat the original graffiti movement that originated back in the late 1960’s as a form of communication between urban communities.
I give Mr. Rainbow a lot of credit for keeping the passion of art alive and bringing it to the public (well sorta) so all can enjoy especially the children of the once booming industrial town that now yearns to establish a new identity for itself going into the twenty first century.
I wish I could capture the entire mood of the day in one photograph but that would be impossible given the scale of this event and its multi- sectional locations where painters painted their asses off and some local and transported rappers did their thing in the loading dock of the building.What a great day to be an artist and express yourself without worrying about getting caught.

The Davinci code (H) a true story.

painting by Karey Maurice "The Last Sufferers" copyright 1991 all rights reserved.
DaVinci’s 80th anniversary book.

Just last month this book was released in honor of the 80th anniversary of the nonprofit gallery where I have exhibited my work for over ten years.
The Da Vinci Art Alliance is one of the oldest galleries if not “the” oldest gallery in Philadelphia and has roughly 150 members who periodically take part in themed exhibitions organized by its board of diectors. In 2007 I was elected to that board of directors making me the first African American artist to ever hold a board seat at this gallery founded by Italian American artist in 1931 eighty years ago.This marks an historical event in the history of art and the book contains an essay by my friend Dr. Debra Miller Phd about my version of Leonardo Davinci’s Last Supper titled “The Last Sufferers” which depicts a multicultural gathering of the apostles, updatting the high renaisance painting to a more contemporary expression to reflect the new direction the gallery has taken towards diversity.
“It is a great honor to obtain this credit to my career as an artist but more importantly it reflects my determination to not only make meaningful works of art, but to make a historical impact on the contemporary art world.”
The book is available at or you can stop by the gallery at 704 Catharine Street in Philadelphia and pick up a copy or two while your enjoying the historic sites.