Audio Interview with film director Christina Clausen ©2008

In memoriam of a great friend 1958-1990.

Sometime in 2008 when I heard about a new film being released about the late pop artist Keith Haring I couldn’t resist trying to find out as much as I could about it. I needed to find out who was behind the scene and, who was spear heading the production. At first I thought automatically that it was the Keith Haring Foundation who is basically in charge of preserving the artist memory and vision but I soon found out that it was an independent film distribution company releasing it named Art House Films.

This gave me a reference point to begin my inquiry as to who was producing and directing this documentary about someone who I give a great deal of respect as an artist and friend. The only person in my life who was encouraging and supportive of me pursuing my own career as an artist the first day I met him.
The project began contacting my friend Tobias Grace editor of “Out In Jersey” magazine to see if he could obtain a copy of the film so I could write a review for the magazine. He was successful in contacting Art House and did obtain a screening copy for me to view before its official public release. I was more than surprised at how quickly this all went down from the time I found out about the film and actually having it in my posessesion.
This is the original unedited recording of the telephone Interview I conducted with the director Christina Clausen by cell phone via Rome,Italy where the director currently resides. It is approximately forty five minutes long and shares some personal recollections from me about Keith Haring so it is kind of a duel Interview. Audio Interview, Enjoy the History!