September 11, 2010 More than a memory.

Photo:Red Balloon Studio floor ©2001Karey Maurice Counts<br />

This is a story long overdue for publishing that I felt kind of nervous about because of its subject matter which you will agree when you read about this incrediable work of art that expresses a sentiment far beyond what anyone could imagine a person could create especially when it was completed before the event occured on September 11, 2001.

This is a picture of my former studio floor located in Trenton, New Jersey which was created just three weeks before the horrible destruction of the “World Trade Center Towers” which I witnessed on the television like most people did but while I was watching the horror, “I realized instantly that I had created something that would be one of the most important works of art that I could ever make and now its time to show the world that there is something pure about my version of a “so called” Memorial for the innocent lives that were lost on that tragic day.

If you look carefully you can see many references to NYC and the bullseye in the center pointing towards a one dollar bill with the millitary term “Ground Zero” leading from it.The engineering plans are from New Jersery Transits railcar update plans for trains that definatly traveled through the same tunnel as all the trains into Manhattan encluding the Path system. There are also people in this collage that appear to be floating in the air and some screaming.
What is not visable in the photo is the image of three small airplanes and somewhat of a reference directly to the buildings themselves.
For those who may be interested in how I could have come up with such a design to decorate a floor all I can say is “The messages are out there you just have to collect them and put them together at the right time.

Not only does this day simbolize the tragic events that occured that day nine years ago,it has significant importance to me personally because of the connection between the death of my mother in which inabled me to have the funds to build the studio in the first place and watching the event unfold on television with my father (also now deceased) and thinking about two childhood friends who I knew were working in or around the financial district who escaped buy running across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn for safety.
I will now also use this day for rememberance of the Red Balloon Studio where this powerful collage once covered the floor and initially shocked those who intered the studio for the first time.It left an indelable impression in the minds of those who had the chance to visit and it is still talked about whenever this day is discussed.