HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keith Haring May 4 1958

Today is a day of  acknowledgement of a geat person and friend Mr.Keith A. Haring. A man who approached his art career with a passion and honesty unlike anyone I have ever encountered to this day.I will never forget our conversations we had about life and the persuit of a career as an artist.I remember he told me on the first day we met that we met for a reason,I kind of questioned it then but I now know he was right.I have memories that are now historic and I’m able to share stories about a person who died far to young and a talent that didn’t reach its full potential. I continue my own persuit of artistic maturity in the name of my wild-n-crazy guy friend Keith A.Haring.His spirit lives through the art he has left for us to enjoy.

This past weekend an exhibition of some of Keith’s sculptures opened at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton,New Jersey and will be on view until September.I can’t wait to visit the exhibition I remember seeing the maquettes for some of them in his New York studio back in 1987 when I use to visit him.

for information about the exhibition visit www.groundsforsculpture.org