New Interview on Artrendnow.



Artrendnow by Eva Wong

1. When did you start doing art?

A: I started professionally exhibiting my work twenty one years ago.

2. What inspired your work?

A: I met the late Keith Haring in 1987 in New York, but before that I always knew I wanted to be an artist or designer since I was fourteen years old.

3. Did you ever feel like giving up?

A: Sure, I told a friend of mine when I had created twenty five paintings a long time ago that if I didn’t become famous after that I would stop. I have over 200 or so works of art now.

4. Any upcoming exhibitions?

A: Not really, I’m waiting to here from Toy2r to be included in their Qee World Tour with one of my designs I usually have an annual solo show around September in Philadelphia at Smile Gallery nothing confirmed.

5. What is the best thing about being an artist?

A: I guess it would be being able to think about something and make it a reality so others can see what is on your mind it is the best way to communicate for me.

6. What would you call your style?

A: “Afro Pop” or “Pop Noir” because I’m African American but it’s really Race less art, I like to hide my ethnicity so you cannot tell who made the art..