Past My Bed Time.

Last month I went to New York to attend an opening at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, a place in which I know the mastermind himself personally and I enjoy the artist in his stable of “Low Brow” highly collectable “Pop-Surrealist” painters.
This time it was Doze Green in gallery one, and Blek Le Rat in gallery two,but, I was there to speak with Doze and to get a photograph with him for the experience. Later on that evening I got a chance to speak with the man himself (Jonathan) and its always a pleasure to chat with him because I know he will normally give me an invite to the after party which I haven’t the energy to go to but I think he kinda knows that I’m not the party animal I use to be by any means.-RedSaid aka KaM©

New Red Balloon Postcards Out

On the right you will see one of my DIY action figures that will be on display at my next group exhibition to be held at Artworks Gallery in Trenton New Jersey.For more infomation please look at my latest post about the show.The other work of art is from my psycho sexual series that I am currently working on along with other types of art that I work on at the same time just to avoid bordum.