One night in Jersey City

I have been hearing about something going on in Jersey City as far as the redevelopment of its waterfront but there is some thing more to its infrastructure as well.
I attended this festival there on Friday night and I was pleasantly surprised when I walked down Dey Street and into the Canco Loft building draped with a large image of Barack Obama as Abraham Lincoln created by artist Ron English. The building is huge and inside was the largest indoor display of fine art I have seen since ArtExpo 2008 at the Jacob Javits in New York this past March but not quite as big.
As I was waiting for a friend to join me that evening I broke out my camera and began to record the moment as I walked through this massive structure that had, as I descovered later, a whole other section that I didn’t notice for a while and apon entering it I ran into an old actress friend of mine who also was overwhelmed by the size of this expo type of art event.We got reaquainted while looking at the art and I filled her in on my latest interests and upcoming exhibition in January.
My friend never showed up but to make up for the absence I had met up with a friend and I met some great artist and got a photo op with the one and only Ron English who was signing one of his vinyls along with a poster.-RedSaid aka KaM©<