Art Basel 2007 “The real story after the stories. by Karey Maurice

Its been three weeks since I and my friend Dj Tronix(pictured in shadow) returned from South Beach where the dozen or so art fairs took place the first week in December. The first day we were there we checked out the ‘Art Positions’ section of the fair on 22nd & Collins Av. where they had the storage containers with fresh new talented artist along with a small halfpipe for skateboarders. That scene was a little to young for us to enjoy and the art inside the containers I didn’t care for to much for the same reason.
I had the whole trip mapped out however the plan went slightly awry when I realized that we would not be able to visit all the satilite locations situated all over the place. All we could do was to try and hit the events that were on our way while shopping for gifts for our significant others back home. One of the most exciting things that happened was that I finally got a chance to visit the Wynwood section of Miami where the NADA fair was located. While over there I stopped by CerealArt to purchase my “Object To Enjoy” designed by Kenny Scharf which I had seen as an prototype in Philadelphia some time ago. After that moment while strolling through the exhibition space (The Ice Palace) I ran into none other than Steve Martin the artist,actor,musician,collector and we exchanged a friendly hello then I gave him one of my calling cards and promised him that I wouldn’t expose his identity and he thanked me for that.
The second night there we hooked up with some friends Leon Rainbow & Andrew Wilkinson from the hometown and we went to a rooftop party at the Raleigh Hotel which had a spectacular view of downtown Miami in the distance. We didn’t hang out there too long because the evening was young and we didn’t want to stay in the same place all night because there were parties everywhere.
The last and final night was awesome because I introduced Dj Tronix to my favorite lounge and not to my surprise, I found out from the bartender that the place got voted the best dancefloor in Miami Beach for 2007 and it itsn’t even a disco by most standards. The music is always hot spun by guest Djs from all over the world. I don’t even think you can here this kind of sound in New York anymore because of the invasion of Techno music for the nonrythmic folks who take extasy to feel the music and dance like well dressed cheerleaders in bondage.
Well, Thats my recap of my Art Basel Miami experience this year, I hope to visit it again next year but I better find an art dealer to sell my work first so I can afford to make the trip or better yet, sell enough work to buy my dream bungalo down there so I don’t have to stay in hotels. RedSaid

“South Beach” here we come!

“I have done all my homework for this adventure into the sun as I always do. I go through lots of preparation before I go anywhere but in this case, its a job made simple by the fact that I like Miami and have been there many times before. It seems each time I go down there it is for some special reason and, although the events change I have a few favorite spots that have remained open and I enjoy their familiarity as well as the new crouds that discover what I already know about.
I can’t wait to sink my toes into the sand and go walking down the coastline just to clear my head so I can be revitalized. I also am looking forward to seeing all the art work that is going to be on display all over the place down there. What I’m really looking forward to is seeing how many people I know from New York & New Jersey I’m going to run into on Ocean Drive having dinner.
When I return I will post some of the photos that I will be taking and adding some true facts about this ‘Global’ event that attracts the culturally creative people of the world who ain’t affraid of a little heat,Miami heat that is…. RedSaid
NEW ADDITION: January 6, 2008
I don’t have to much to add about the art fair. I wish I was there in Miami right now after these last two winter days here in Jersey. The weather has gottin brutal and I can’t stand to shiver and shake. I do want to share some photos that I had taken at “The Ice Palace” in Miami while I was visiting some folks who were exhibiting from Philadelphia. Some of the art that I looked at was very impressive for the most part. And on some ocations I couldn’t figure out how much work went into some of the stuff or how much was concepualized by the artist and then fabricated by someone else. This by no means is an bad critique of the art I liked and photographed, but simply my observation of all the contemporary works on display at this very laid back atmosphere .