“South For The Winter” Art Basel Miami, Dec 6th thru Dec 9th 2008.

For those who are new to this event, I heard that it is the ultimate art affair for anyone who is interested in the creative visual and audio arts scene. This year is going to be my first time going down to Miami for this type of event. I usually go down when I want to chill and soak up some vitamine D and visit my favorite lounge,” which name I won’t mention because I’m not getting paid to advertise. The event itself attracts everyone from around the international art world encluding the people who actually buy art. I just read an article about it in this months VanityFair magazine so I guess its no secret now that the prices are going to go up when you purchase your mineral water that week in South Beach,Damn!<br />
My original plan was to enter the Geisai contest which would have allowed me to win a chance to exhibit my work but, I scraped that Idea once I found out how much work was involved in shipping the art down there if I did win the compition. So, My new plan is to go down there and network my __s off and pass out as many comp cards as I possibly can in three days. If I see a photo op, I just might try to cop a pose with someone important for the new website that I will be contemplating while I’m there at the tikibar poolside of the hotel that I booked. Other than that, It will be good to be in an environment that stimulates creative energy while you get a tan at the same time. RedSaid<br />
For more information about Art Basel Miami please view the link:http://www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/go/id/djf/

“The Devil’s Music: The life and blues of Bessie Smith” Now Playing In Trenton Nj

“Transcending”is the adjective that I use to describe my experience last night at the Mill Hill Playhouse in Historic Mill Hill,Trenton Nj sitting in the last row available at this sold out performance. Everytime I have visited this jem of a venue I have had a great trip into the minds of people who take entertainment seriously. When I say people I mean the folks that have managed to bring live theatre to a town that is starving for recognition of anykind,”Were not to proud to beg.”But the truth of the matter is that Trenton has an interesting small group of people who still believe in bringing the best talent that we have to offer and distribute it to the rest of the world as our old motto says on one of our famous bridges”Trenton Makes The World Takes”, the only thing about that is that we don’t produce famous steel cables or priceless ceramics or even great toilets anymore.
” What we do have here is a new interest in changing the negative image we have had since 1968 when somebody had the bright Idea to allow students to skip school and deny them the right to have an annual event that just so happened to fall on or around the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.. A disorderly croud began to gather at the Battle Monument to here some church leaders speak about the situation at the High School and some racially motivated fights broke out around the downtown area.
That was a long time ago and what I want to promote is this positive energy that is being generated by shows like these and some other cultural events that have happen here in recent years.Trenton is a small city that you can remain anonymous and enjoy the scene or you can spot a ‘local patron’ smiling away once he or she finds out that you have braved the fear of the “Boogie Man”(by the way use to be the KKK) and checked out our town. RedSaid
p.s. The artwork was done by my friend Thom Reaves who is one of those artist that Trenton Makes in case anyone is wondering what is going on here.