“Hip Hop” is now recognized by a major United States Museum.

Hip-Hop Won’t Stop: The Beat, The Rhymes, The Life

A major initiative to gather a broad collection about hip-hop culture and develop a comprehensive exhibition is now underway at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

The museum’s multi-year project will trace hip-hop from its origins in the 1970s to its status today. By collecting from the hip-hop community, the museum will build an unprecedented permanent collection that will document the undeniable reach of hip-hop and commemorate it as one of the most influential cultural explosions in recent history.

Through “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop,” the museum will collect objects from all aspects of hip-hop arts and culture,music, technology, sports, graffiti, fashion, break dancing and language,including vinyl records, handwritten lyrics, boom boxes, clothing and costumes, videos and interviews, disc jockey equipment and microphones, personal and business correspondence, and posters and photos.

An advisory panel, made up of artists, producers, scholars and others will assist in defining and refining the project. The museum also will host a number of public programs and scholarly symposia to further explore the content.

The Museum is seeking financial support from individual donors, corporations and associations to fund the project and related activities.

In addition to the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, the long-range vision for “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop” includes a comprehensive exhibition open to millions of museum visitors on the National Mall, a companion traveling display, and a Web site geared towards a global audience.

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telephone 202-633-3613
“Now I don’t have to tell you how excited I am about this new development in american society,Its only right to have a museum to document and record the most steady cultural movement in the history of urban life in most of the cities across the country. We all know that it started in the South Bronx but some would despute that, and say Queens Bridge is where it began as Mc Shan once told us on his hit record way back in the day.
If anyone has kept up with my ‘Where were You’ page then you know that I was there right at the very begining of this world wide call for cultural exchange in art as well as music,and, I mussen’t forget fashion which has the most visual impact on how people express what they identify with.
You would have to be blind not to notice the stlye that has manifested and influenced the whole casual clothing market.
If you go back in time on this blog page then you can see the memorabillia that I have save over the years along with some comments about how I acquired these special invitations and sometimes I go into a little detail about that particular evening or event.
I have often wondered what I would do with this ephemera after I have documented it and have created this blog in the name of it, and one day it became clear to me that this stuff should be available for everyone to see because it predated the founding of Def Jam Records.I will soon donate some of my collection to this worthy cause and hope that people who view it will enjoy it as much as I.
This ain’t no mystery, Its part of our History!! RedSaid

Sorry, No Visual Today.Summer is almost over.

"As I sit here in the studio just trying to reflect on how life has it’s many chalenges and that ,for the most part, I’m glad to have managed to keep going on, not without help of course.I am now preparing for my first solo exhibition in Philadelphia next month and I feel confident that most people will get what I’ve been painting about since I started this career as an artist. I’ve always concerned myself with current subjects that are being forced on us through many sources some old, and some new and I wonder how much information is too much for the human soul.<br />
I wish I could take up every worth wild cause that I am aware of to make the world a better place but, I’m just like everyone else to overwhelmed to step outside of my own personal concerns to act on a good feeling or to be humane to mosquitos.<br />
The day will come when I will feel better about myself enough to take on the "Global Warming"issue that has left me awake at night sweating and wondering if I have perspired too much and that is going to cause me to consume more bottled water than I can afford to drink.<br />
I should be jumping for joy at this chance to exhibit my lifes work on such a scale at this upcoming show but I’ve become comfortably numb to the praise of folks and I just wish I could move some of my stock so that I don’t have to put it back in storage when my thirty days are up at the gallery,"We do take installment payments on items over $200.00 for your information.<br />