Where Ya Gonna Be? September 2007

Artwork “Tough Messes”©2003 Karey Maurice Counts

I just got news that the exhibition that I dreamed up is going to happen this fall in September.
I designed this announcement before I confirmed the show but, I had the most confidence that I would be able to pull this one off. This is going to be a very important show in the sense that it will be my first official SOLO EXHIBITION in the twenty years I have been exhibiting my work.A very rare situation in the art world has occured because of my under recognition, a situation that has manifested, leaving me the sole owner of 95% of my own creations by defult.I have mentioned before that I have been caught up in my own experiments in the studio and have taken the exhibitions where ever I could get them, most of which have been group shows with lots of competition for attention between artist.
I never felt that anyone would be able to see what my concerns are as a painter because of the lack of representation due to the fact that I could only get a couple of pieces at the most in these shows.Now for the first time I will be able to put together a show that tells the whole story of how I became the “Prince of Neo-Pop” a self title that was the only one available at the time.
I don’t expect anyone to agree with me on this bold statement about one’s self but I feel that after you see this exhibition you might swing with the author in favor of the truth.Seeing is knowing and I am looking forward to putting my money where my mouth is about my work.
When I confirm the date I will re-visit this entry to give you further details about this landmark exhibition, please stay in tune. RedSaid
06/26/2007 Revised entry
The show has been confirmed and there will be an artist reception on Sptember 14th from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.I’m looking forward to this reception because some of my friends from Pittsburgh,PA are coming down to check out the show, and maybe a few more surprises from New York if I’m lucky.

The Buzz is On! Trenton has style & class!!

“Trenton2nite” has been an event held here in Trenton, New Jersey for a few years now it is an event that supports local artist.We have at least a place to play in front of an audience thanks to; one cafe,an art gallery,one chinese resturant,the hotel bar,a used book store,and a few vendors sprinkled down one street called South Warren Street.
You would think that Trenton would have more than this to offer considdering its importance to the foundation of the United States of America but,the fact of the matter is that it is the last city in America that hasn’t been put on the list for business & commerce such as “tourism” for starters.Maybe its because somebody had the bright idea one day to tear down most of the historic bulidings to build state office complexes.The downtown area kind of reminds me of the campus at Princeton University with its modge podge of architectual designs,minus the Frank Ghery touch of modernism, Altough the State Museum could use some injection of titanium or glass addition.
I have live here my entire life and I’m now just beginning to feel some kind of pulse that is being generated by the gathering of artist that collectively support what little we have as far as places to express our desire for change.
I attended the opening of this group exhibition that one of my new sculptures is on view,as a matter of fact, it is the feature work amongst twenty or thirty pieces in the show and I’m quite happy with the responce I got from the patrons who were there.Some of the artist also gave me a thumbs up on my new work, it was a great night.
I then had an open house(studio) party for the artist who were in the exhibition but, only a few friends showed up and one artist from the show(Natasha) came by and she brought along two friends and, all three were from Saint Peterburg,Russia which was a nice surprise.They really enjoyed themselves here hanging out on the terrace overlooking downtown and duewest into Pennsylvania across the Delaware River.I was told that it reminded them of being in New York City in one of those fancy lofts in midtown. I was certainly flattered to here that comment about my studio, but it is a cool place to be if your going to be in Trenton, New Jersey I think. RedSaid