Soul to Sol,Hip Hop to Black Rock (Sol Village)

I just want to mention a little bit about this production that I have been a major part of since its inception to the New York nightlife scene. As a matter of fact,I was the first act to hit the stage on its very first evening four years ago.
Whitout giving away to much information about this very special event which takes place once a month,every third wednesday, I will tell you that we have the most talented people around who don’t have a record deal yet.I really enjoy trying to come up with something creative to project on the screen behind these amazing talented people.
Sometimes we get a very nice surprise from some more established artist in the music business and it is great to see them do a song off the cuff.We also have some guest from the music industry pop by who have heard about the show and want to see some raw talent or to enjoy the delicious food that the club serves nightly.
This last show we had “Uncle Ralph” Ralph McDaniels from VH1’s ‘Video Music Box’ being interviewed downstairs in the office and hanging out in the artists lounge chillin.I have met so many other interesting people here, who seem to enjoy what we are doing at Sol Village,that I almost can’t wait until the next show. RedSaid

Happy Mothers Day / Memories of Mom R.I.P 2001

artwork Karey Maurice for Red Balloon Studio © 2001

This is a day that I have mixed emotions about because I don’t know weather to honor or celebrate the life of someone who gave me life, but, is no longer here.
I lost my Mother in 2001 to breast cancer and I was very close to her and I knew long before anyone else that she wasn’t going to be around to see me grow as an person first and, a great artist second.I knew she had some indication that I wasn’t going to go the traditional route of most people beause I was very physically active with objects as a child and she really tried to help but,she didn’t know how to direct my talent.
I am very greatful to know her because as I watched her struggle with her illness she always presented herself as if nothing was wrong. I admire her strenght through it all and it has taught me how to suffer with dignity when you are going through tough times.Sometimes I wish I could go back in time just as I am today and present myself to her, and I would say”Look Mom, I am all grown up now,you don’t have to worry about me.
Just before she died we made peace with our different personallities and I said that I loved her,then she asked me to remove her jewelry because she was not going to make it.I replied that I knew this was true and I walked away from her hospital bed.
For all of you that are experiencing the joy and pain of having being born in the world,which is pretty much all of us, just remember that you only get one Mother so go out and celebrate your own relationship with your Mother no matter how strife it may be. RedSaid

Gallery GO Round in the 1980’s.

artwork by Arman ‘Monochrome Accumulation No.1515’ ©1988-89

I was on the mailing list of some of the galleries that handled certain artist that I liked during the peak of the 80’s scene.One gallery in particular was Vrej Baghoomain Gallery located at 555 Broadway in Soho,New York. I know this name may make some people shudder because of the mysterious business practices of Mr. Baghoonian but, I know very little about the subject and I am not going to inform anyone who doesn’t already know the story.I just want to mention that this place was happening back in the day, and what I mean by happening is that I met the most influential artist of the twentieth century here and Arman was one of them.When you went to this gallery you brought your own drink along with you just in case you didn’t like the wine selection.The exhibitions were always interesting but, the croud could be even more interesting if your into that sort of thing. I wish I would have carried a camera with me back then because the people who came to Vrej’s gallery were the who’s who of the artworld that some art students today would have loved to be hanging out with.
I would like to think that, at least back then the competition was furious between artist thanks to Jean-Michel but,Everyboby came to eachothers openings to lend support or, to crack on the artist if his work was weak because of being rushed to make that money. I also liked the fact that the musicians of this time also thought that the galleries were the “In Hang” before going out to the clubs. At this very same gallery I met Yoko Ono and her son at one of the exhibitions featuring her work.I don’t know whats going now, I been off the scene since most of the galleries moved out of Soho and into the Chelsea area.I have been to a few shows but not like I use to do, it seems like the warehouse galleries are like going to a large storage facillity with nice walls.I guess I wouldn’t mind if it were my own work that I was looking at while I was there or, I wouldn’t mind seeing some old school Pop art anytime. RedSaid

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.???

artwork by Keith Haring © 1989 the Estate of Keith Haring.
This is the backside of an envelope sent to me from ‘Act-Up’ an organization that was formed out of frustration back in the late 1980’s because of the ignorance the general public had about the many issues that had taken place.Now without going into too much detail about the past, I often wonder ?,What is going on today?I get into many conversations about the things we have created for our convience comming back to haunt us, and I’m kind of spooked.
The more I find out each day about the conduct of other people and how their actions effect all of us who live in the US or elsewhere. I can’t believe how far we have been removed from nature itself or, Have we digressed into some primal need to servive and don’t really care about the one’s we use as our stepping stone or to make money off of.I recently watched a film about the auto industry and I was shocked.
I will not disclose anything other than it is a shame what is going on in the minds of some of the people you trust to look out for you.I have been around since the gas shortage of the 1970’s and it was weird how solar powered cars(or electric) were the talk of the town.Now there is a new interest in the technology but it was something there all along. RedSaid