“Who said pink is soft? Lady Pink is back with the roughness!

I just read a recent article about female graffiti artists that are sharing the spotlight with the male’s who dominate the practice of graffiti writing.

This new era of graffiti painters are creating quite a name for themselves in cities all over the world.I pulled out this classic flyer which I think was created by the one and only Lady Pink for an all female graffiti extravaganza at the ROXY in 1984.

The list of artist included in this production may be lesser known to the new school of writer’s and I will list them as they appeared on the back of this invitation,artists like: Lady Heart,Abbey-Roc,2-Cute,Lizzie,Snow White,Tiny-One,Smad-Roc,Jigs-City,Lady-D,Stacy-D and Lady Pink of course.

Its nice to see that women artists of this kind [Old School graffiti/Street art] are being recognized for their contribution to the Hip Hop scene which is now a global form of expression that I’m proud to say I was there at the beginning of and, although I myself wasn’t a graffiti artist I certainly was a true B-Boy who loved all the B-Girls who were a part of the movement.
I think this flyer is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum I can’t remember which ones I donated now?-RedSaid

Too much art not enough exposure/ first group exhibition.

After I had my first experience showing my art in New York and I didn’t become an overnight sensation it took about two years before I exhibited my work again.Back then there were a lot of galleries that were looking for the next wave of art stars and they would promote anyone just as long as you had the money to pay the membership fees that were required.These places were called vanity galleries and they were all over Soho just shortly after the east village scene had spawned the first wave of downtown luminaries.I was caught up in the fame and fortune scenario and so I joined a gallery that I thought would give me that boost that I felt I needed to catch up with my contemporaries.At this point in my life I had already met Keith and had begun producing art at an alarming rate to build my inventory up to compete with the big boys who were selling work like hotcakes.You had to be on a waiting list just to get your hands on some of the art being produced by these artist that had legitimate galleries promoting their work.
Although I had a great time at the opening of this show I didn’t get much out of it so I broke my contract with the gallery and decided to just concentrate on finding my own style of painting because I knew that I couldn’t keep on producing the kind of work that I was doing at that time.If you notice,the figures are very close to the work of Haring but done with straight lines instead of the curved chalk figures that he did in the subways.RedSaid

Keeping the memory alive.

Artwork Keith Haring © 1986 Estate of Keith Haring
This entry is going to have little to do with the image you are looking at and more about how the person that made it has inspired me to continue my efforts at establishing myslf as another key figure in the contemporary art scene.I was told by the late Keith Haring to not depend on one thing and so I have done many things as an artist over the years to express my creativity and one of them is writing.
I will often revisit the subject of “Pop Art” because I have been associated with it ever since I can remember and I myself have expressed the subject in my own work and I can’t seem to escape its influence.
Next month one of my paintings will grace the cover of a magazine called “Out in Jersey”and inside there is an article about the day I met Keith Haring way back in 1987 at a photo session and this has been a story that I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time.So if your from Jersey in particular.please pick up a copy of the magazine and check it out,its free so the cost shouldn’t be a deterrent but, I must warn you that this publication is not for the closed minded.RedSaid

“I thought one show in New York would make you famous.

This was my debut in New York City not only to the [real Art World] but a real life lesson in how to become an artist class 101. I was so excited to be accepted in this show that I spared no expense and got myself a hotel room at the Washington Square Hotel for the opening night.
I had every reason to believe that this was going to be a magical evening for me judging by the distinguished curators;Janet Salz,Ivan Karp, LLoyd Herman and Walter Robinson who selected my painting for the auction.
The problem with that thought was that once I saw how much work was in the exhibition, and that you had to bid on your own work just to have it seen by the audience.

I knew I wasn’t prepared to make that kind of jesture,at least not yet anyway,I thought it was going to be like Christies or Sotherby’s with a guy in a tuxedo rolling out the lot of paintings one by one.
That next day when I had to pick up my painting because it didn’t sell, and Ivan Karp didn’t call my hotel room and say “kid, I’m gonna make you a star.” I kind of got the impression that I had a long way to go if I was going to get any attention in this world of fine art. RedSaid


Well I’m sure glad that this one(2006) is finally past us now because I can honestly say that It has been a rough one.
I’m not even going to start this year with one bad thought, especially revisiting the past. I want to begin this first entry of 2007 on a positive note simply saying that “I’m going to reap what I sowed this time. I have done so much opportunity building that I am now waiting for some replies to some life changing situations.The seeds I planted have spent enough time in the ground and are now ready to appear, and grow to eventual fruition.
I am really excited about the events that are going to take place in a matter of weeks and then, as we get further into the year some more good things are going to happen as a result of my dedication to what I know best,”Myself.
I would fill this entry with all the things that I’m talking about but then I would have nothing to write about when the time comes so, for now,I’ll just say that “Its gonna feel like heaven in 2007.RedSaid and Mr. New Year, as well.Peace be your Blessing!