BRANDYWINE RIVER MUSEUM/FactoryWarholWyehtBasquiat exhibition 2006

Artworks by Andy Warhol ©Estate of Andy Warhol,The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts(ars)
This entry will almost keep you up on my personal activities as far as Where Were You? is concerned.Well,I was in attendance for the opening of this super show and it couldn’t have been a more exciting night for me!I was invited by my friend Dr.Debra Miller she always seems to put me in the right places at the right time.
The museum is spectacular to visit if you ever get the chance and,if you get a chance to see this exhibit while its there you’ll be in for a visual treat to say the least.I had no Idea that Andy Warhol was friends with the Wyeths and that he shared some Ideas with James Wyeth and that Mr.Wyeth did some painting at the Factory on a regular basis.The story of Jean-Michel Basquiat is well documented in terms of the relationship with Warhol but this show had its treats all throughout the exhibition.What turned out to be a really great evening for me was that, I met the art historian Margaret R. Vendryes who wrote the essay on Basquiat and she gave me a signed copy of the catalog and, “I got an opportunity to meet James Wyeth that night.See photo.RedSaid
10/26/06 “As a follow up entry to this blog I have some awesome information regarding the catalog to this exhibition.I now have two signed copies of this exhibition catalog because I just received my second book from Mr. Jamie Wyeth himself personalized inside it’s cover.You see, I reached out to Mr. Wyeth to indicate to him that we may have some mutual friends since he actually knew Andy Warhol personally enough to have known his family and that’s where the link is because I know some of Mr.(AW)’s family as well, so it really shows that people from different backgrounds can still be connected to each other in some relative way.RedSaid


I want to mention a little about this exhibition because I kind of talked about it in another bolg entry, but about the book.I did not get the chance to see the show when it opened in New York but I did make it to the opening on the shows next stop,”The Andy warhol Museum”in Pittsburgh PA on May 27th,2006.If you want to back track to read what I had to say about the book go to the “House of Vouge”entry where I talk about the different dances at clubs and how I wished the book covered more on the dance scene of that period.
Now that I have actually seen the exhibition I’m happy that I was able to see the show for more than one reason.One of the reasons is that I was going to see the exhibition with my very special friends;Deb & Ray,Rick Armstrong and, the Warhola’s.What better company to have than the family of the artist at his museum, who every artist wanted to be at this particular time in art history.Andy fueled the whole scene in his indirect ways.So the location was special and the company I was keeping meant a whole lot to me.The exhibition was fantastic in that setting but I couldn’t take it all in because of the socializing I found myself doing.I felt like the museum was one big giant clubhouse that had stuff leftover from a party,that my peers forgot to take with them after one big night out in New York City.RedSaid

The man who put the peanut butter & chocolate in one brite package.

Ok, How many of you out there know who designed the peanut butter cup package known as REESE’S along with many other other products that are recognized all over the world?
You don’t have to guess anymore because I have discovered the gentleman responsible for this famous package,not only is he the designer but a fine artist as well.I had the pleasure of working with the family of this primarily unknown artist to put together a memorial/retrospective showing of his life’s work held at his son’s house in Woodstock, New York a few years back.I cannot mention how many things he personally designed in this one entry but,I will say that we all know and use the products he made packages for to this day.
Some of you science fiction buffs might want to know that this artist was friends with Isaac Asimov and he created a portrait of the Scifi guy and exchanged letters as well as designed some of the covers for Mr.Asimov’s magazine.There is going be a book published about Mr.Eron in about a year so please stay tuned and I will post a release date as soon as I know about it.Also,next month I will be included in an exhibition called “Going Global”that will feature the artwork of the late artists wife Selma Eron who is just as talented as her husband.RedSaid

The spotting of an invitation to a party,I saw Baird last night at an opening in N.Y.C.

I am adding this second invitation to the post because I just recently ran into the man that my last entry,and this one, is about.I went to the city to see the Deitch Project’s second annual Art Parade down in Soho and while I was there I met up with a friend who informed me of an art opening in chelsea at the Jonathan Levine Gallery where the artist known as “DOZE”had his work on display.
I had an inclination that I might run into Baird Jones on this day or even Glen O’Brian so I placed in my pocket three miniature paintings that I painted for the two of them as gifts.I have these paintings ready just in case I run into eather of them at a show or something, almost as my calling card but better because they are real paintings.Well,after a light supper we headded up to the gallery and the first person I run into is Baird so I went over to say hello and present him with my gift,I couldn’t wait to see his expression because I knew he was totally not expecting anything,especially from me.We talked for awhile,took some pictures,and I even did two live drawings on business cards for him.After that he invited me to go chill out with him but,I was with my family and I had other plans that night.
Art openings are great because there is always an invitation to somebody’s studio or loft or apartment after the show. RedSaid

Hats off to the king of “Club promotion & N.Y.C nightlife” impresario Baird Jones.

Ever since the “Underground” nightclub in New York was happening this guy Baird Jones has been throwing fabulous parties for all people to enjoy,and the best part about it is that they are free,just as long as you followed the rules.I know there must have been events held long before I hit the scene but,thats when I first met the man at the 860 Broadway location, corner of Union Square Park west and where the second to last Factory(Andy Warhols studio) was located.When I use to come to the club I would always half jokingly say to Baird “Is Andy here,and he would reply”He just left.
I give Baird a lot of props for hanging in there for such a long period of time,without him most of the clubs in New York City would be scrambling for people to come out to their particular club.He still has the free passes being distributed to this very day.So if your broke or don’t have a lot of extra cash to enjoy yourself in the City,just find somebody who is giving out his famous free admission cards and you can be down with the”King’,and who knows,you might see me chilling in the V.I.P.lounge or somewhere.RedSaid