For Y’all Hometown Hommies in Trenton N.j “Black Rock” concert @ TSC

The night before this concert I had the pleasure to see & meet both bands at the only nightclub in town City Gardens.I was hanging out with now music director of S.O.B’s New York Papa Jube and he was instrumental in getting us backstage to hang out with the groups.This was before Living Colour opened up for the Rolling Stones and became the famous band that they are today,and we all know how famous Fish Bone became on the west coast.
City Gardens was where all the alternative music was played in town and was cutting edge in the New Wave,NO Wave & Punk scene of the early eighties.It was kind of the sister scene to CBGB’S on the east coast,the same bands that would play City Gardens would go on to New York City to play CBGB’S the next night.I remember seeing so many bands that became music icons at this local club that was just a ten minute walk from my house located on the otherside of the landfill(Dumps).I made the club my second home and I became one of the regulars also,some years before this particular concert John Stewart of Comedy Central’s “The John Stewart Show”was a bartender there and I remember him being funny even then.
I will post more about City Gardens in the near future for my local readers who remember the days of Old. Redsaid

Times Square N.Y.C. CLUB USA “A maze of fun and entertainment.

These parties were hosted by Herbert Fox and nineties club promoter Jeffery Jah at this super pop culture club.The design of the place was very interesting in a sense that it had these commercial billboards inside just like the outside reflecting Times Square’s mass media appeal.It had multiple levels all the way to the roof of the building.Each floor had different rooms that you would accidently fined by pushing on a wall or opening the right door.They even had a giant spiral slide that went from one floor to the main dancefloor.
One evening my cousin and I decided to meet up with a good friend of mine at CLUB USA to see this dancer I met at Donna Austin’s loft named Ana Pinà from Rio De Janiero Brazil.I remember trying to find where in the club she was performing because it was so large and she could have been dancing anywhere in this place.We walked around pushing walls open,walking up & down stairwells and finally we located my friend and he gave us a grand tour of the place and lead us downstairs into a sub level room that could have been a disco all on its own where Ana was dancing on stage.
After the show we headed upstairs where we could use the giant slide to make our introduction on the dancefloor,we must have went down that slide at least ten times that night,going down it different ways each time. RedSaid


Since I’m on this House Music kick with my writting, I decided to give up some more information about the only place that I know of as far as real urban dance music is concerned.When it comes to really getting your groove on you can’t just go anywhere and expierence the legacy that I have mentioned which was created over twenty years ago.You have to go to a place that the Djs know what their doing and have followed the example that has been set before them by the original pioneers.The Shelter is one of them and I have just recently heard that the club has moved for the third time in its history to Laight St. very close to its original location below canal St. on Hudson or Hubert dependind on which way you entered the place.
This particular flyer is an old one and at the time of its circulation the “Sound Factory”was a big contender on the scene and it absorbed some of the new cludheads who were looking for a home the music there was going more towards the techno vibe little by little after Dj Franky Knuckles left so Timmy Regisford had nothing to worry about.This temporary location was only until the Shelter aquired a new location which was on west 39th Street between fifth and sixth avenue.RedSaid


Keith Haring artwork ©1989 Estate of Keith Haring
I got this pin back in 1989 from the PopShop when multicultural themes were very popular in the United States because of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.During this time there was a new sense of pride generated in African Americans and everybody claimed their allegiance to the motherland,everyone was wearing stuff with red,black,green and yellow.Keith Haring was very active in this movement even before the rest of us caught on.He first made us aware of ourselves by documenting our dance rituals in his artwork,then he made his free South Africa posters & buttons and handed them out for free on occations.In his book titled “Keith Haring Journals, Keith mentions that he is gald that he is a gay white male because he was really ashamed of white male atrocities committed throughout the history of this earth.I think thats why I gravitated towards him because I knew he wasn’t the average white person who would normally look the other way or clutch their child when an African American walked near them.RedSaid


I just got some news last month that the SHELTER has relocated for the third time since its inception into the New York club scene.The orignial location was where this invitation came from and I along with my househead friends had a great time watching Chaka Khan perform her classic disco songs.Before the production moved the first time to its temporary location, The TUNNEL,there was a second production called BODY & SOUL which was held on Sunday afternoons that became perfect for getting your spirit together for the following week.It would open at 2:00pm and last until 8:00 or 9:00pm.This dance party had a magical effect because it was all about dancing not unlike the saturday night dance party, but this had a little different flavor it seems.I can’t really expain why I felt a difference but I really liked going dancing on sundays for some reason,maybe it was because you could arrive home at a decent hour not 8:00am.RedSaid

Happy Birthday to Dj Larry Lavan

The Shelter nightclub hosted a birthday celebration for the legendary House Music Dj Larry Lavan back in 1999 at its original location which use to be AREA before Shelter opened.Mr Lavan would have been 45 years old in 1999 and he would have been proud that his legacy still continues to thrive thanks to club Shelter and Timmy Regisford & crew.During the time of Larry’s residency at the Paradise Garage there was another House Music scene just across the river in Newark, New Jersey at the Lincoln Motel and inside this location was club ZANZABAR where the equally famous Dj Tony Humphries along with Tee Scott manned the wheels of steel for the evening.Most of us from Trenton would go to this club because it wasn’t hard to get in if you arrived before midnight but after that you had to be of age which was twenty five years old.That wasn’t really the case but because this place would get so crouded they had to control the traffic flow somehow.I remember waiting in line outside and the music was so thunderous the walls would thump and it was kind of scary if you were not use to that kind of sound system. RedSaid
I just recently saw the documentry titled “MAESTRO”which briefly chronicaled the history of urban dance music from the mid seventies until the late eighties.The story featured people talking about Larry Lavan and their expierence at the “Paradise Garage” as well as “The Loft” where David Mancuso held it down as Dj and owner.I thought the film was well done and I enjoyed seeing it,as a matter of fact it brought back memories of how my few friends and I would go out dancing in New York.I don’t want to give too much information about the film because I’m not being paid to promote the movie and, I think anyone who wants to travel down memory lane should see this film and develope their own opinion about it without me spoiling it.
I do want to mention some things that I would have liked to see in the film such as more information about how New Jersey(Newark)played a major roll in the development of “House Music”at the same time these other clubs were doing their thing.The one club that was equal musically to Paradise Garage and The Loft was club Zanzabar and then club Cheetah sponsered by “Movin Records” on central ave in Orange N.J. So if your into the dance music scene now & then you will enjoy all this film has to offer, which is education and a sence of community. RedSaid

More “Webster Hall” memorabillia/my club wallet

This is my club wallet that I carried around when I went into the city to go out to a nightclub.It containes many memberships cards or reduced admission passes and it came in handy when I wanted to show someone a good time in New York and didn’t know what my guest would enjoy.I always had a veriety of options just incase I was low on cash,which was always the case so, I had to know where I was going.
I liked the Idea of having the buttons because it was easy to present to the doorman and you had a choice of how you wanted to rock it,ether on your lapel or the back pocket of your jeans.I always carried the wallet so I could flip it open like a FBI agent or something to that effect.RedSaid


I started hanging out at Webster Hall on a regular basis during the 90’s because I had found one of these membership cards on the sidewalk one night while hanging out coming from anothter club.I really liked the club because it had four floors and on one floor there was a coffee bar lounge w/free fruit to eat.There was so much to see and do besides dancing I felt right at home every time I went there.I especially enjoyed the music that you could here,everything from Hip Hop,Reggae,House and 70s & 80s disco on the tourist floor which was the one you first encounter when you walk into the club.I also like the carnival atmosphere that was displayed and maintained by the staff complete with stilt walker and flying trapeze act over the dance floor.”I wonder if they still bring it like that these days?RedSaid

CHILLIN AT “THE RITZ” aka Webster Hall New York City

This has got to be the club of the century,the reason being is that the Place has managed to keep up with the latest in music trends ever since the days of Hip Hop & New Wave to No Wave.I think the recording artist “Falco”did his infamous cover of the song”Putting on the Ritz”at this time in the clubs history.When urban music was making its way into the conscious minds of the mainstream party goers.The Ritz was hosting parties with guest Djs, and this late night haunt held on Thursday evenings.One of the most profound pioneers of Hip Hop misic Dj Africa Bambata had a night that embraced electronic sounds combined with his signature funk infused beats.The club is still the place of choice for catching a great concert because of its large main room with balcony and a awesome sound system.That is not all this place has to offer. Because of its multi layers of entertainment spred about through four floors you never get tired checking out different things all in one building.RedSaid